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Physical Exam Normal IL

Physical Exam Normal

Physical Exam Normal IL – Blueze Wellness – 309-585-2116 – Serving McLean County

Physical Exam Normal IL

Each new patient at Blueze Wellness receives a yearly general physical examination. Subsequently, we follow up this routine check-up periodically with focused physical examination we base upon intake results. The purpose of each examination addresses any concerns you have regarding your health and wellness objectives.

The Basics of a Physical Exam

A healthcare professional performs a physical examination to assess the patient’s general health. Physical exams are also commonly known as a wellness check.

The physical exam at our facility presents the opportunity ask questions regarding your health. Be sure to inform your examiner about changes or symptoms you’re experiencing.

There are various tests your examiner may perform during your appointment. Taking into consideration your age, condition and medical history, your examiner may recommend additional tests.

The Purpose of a Yearly Physical Exam Normal IL

A physical examination provides the Blueze Wellness team a clear starting point for your wellness plan.

Healthcare experts recommend exams generally once per year. However, more frequent check-ups may be advisable for people older than 50.

A physical examination serves to:

  • -Check for sign of possible illnesses so treatment is proactive.
  • -Identify issues that could cause concern in the future.
  • -Update immunizations.
  • -Verify the patient maintains healthy diet and fitness plan.
  • -Establish a relationship with the Blueze staff.

Physical examinations provide a good opportunity to check blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar level. Those levels can be elevated without the patient being aware of it or displaying symptoms, for instance. Regular screenings permit your caregiver to treat conditions before they get more severe.

Why not begin your path to better health and a more positive outlook? Schedule your session with Blueze Wellness today. In addition, we provide services like counseling and bioidentical hormone therapy.