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Physical Exam Leroy IL

Physical Exam Leroy

Physical Exam Leroy IL – Blueze Wellness – 309-585-2116 – Serving Communities in McLean County

As we get older, our metabolism naturally slows. Indeed, that’s a fact that common for practically everyone. As this occurs, the capability to lose weight is among the first casualties. Not only does it become more difficult to look good, but also to feel healthy and fit. However, there is a lot you can do. One of the easiest ways to lose weight is through what you eat.

Make these three food types a part of your diet if you’re looking to shed some pounds:

-Dairy products and eggs. These are among the main sources of naturally-occurring proteins. You may also enjoy poultry, turkey, seafood and other sources of lean meats that offer similar properties. Eating foods high in protein is among the best ways to lose some weight.

Physical Exam Leroy IL – Blueze Wellness – 309-585-2116

-Green, leafy veggies. Iron plays a critical role in keeping the body’s system in balance. In addition to selenium and zinc, iron contributes to the health of the thyroid gland. When the thyroid gland does not function properly, the results can be difficult losing weight. Leafy green veggies are an ideal way to approach this issue because they help keep iron levels in balance. Add spinach, lettuce, kale or other greens to your diet.

Drink green tea. This remains among the best, most effective methods to attain weight loss. Simply enjoy two or three cups of green tea per day. Green tea contains helpful antioxidants that function as
a natural boost to metabolism. Consuming green tea can help burn as much as 100 calories per day.
However, do not consume green tea if your stomach is empty. Instead, drink green tea about 30 minutes to one hour after a meal.

Physical Exam Leroy IL – Blueze Wellness – 309-585-2116