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Physical Exam Bloomington IL

Physical Exam Bloomington

Blueze Wellness Services – Physical Exam Bloomington IL – Schedule a Consultation – 309-585-2116 – Serving Bloomington IL, Normal and Surrounding Communities

Clients new to Blueze Wellness receive a yearly Physical Exam Bloomington IL. We follow up this initial exam with periodic focused exams we center on intake findings. Each of the exams addresses the patient’s goals for overall health and wellness.

What to Expect at Your Physical Exam Bloomington IL

The exam generally entails fundamental tests we practice at Blueze Wellness. The purpose is to evaluate your general health. Health professionals also call the exam a wellness check. Your first appointment at Blueze Wellness provides an opportunity to talk with your examiner about your health. Our staff performs fundamentals tests during the exam. Depending on your age and condition, your examiner may recommend more tests.

A physical exam permits the Blueze Wellness staff to review symptoms or pain you may have. Many healthcare professionals advise examinations at least once each, especially for anyone over age 50.

Physical Exam Bloomington IL  – Blueze Wellness – 309-585-2116

Your Physical Exam Bloomington IL serves to:

  • -Identify physical issues or symptoms that may become problematic.
  • -Evaluate for potential risk of illness so treatment begins early.
  • -Update your immunizations.
  • -Ensure you follow a fitness and diet program.
  • -Establish a positive relationship and open communication with your Blueze Wellness examiner.
  • Preparing for Your Physical Exam Bloomington IL
  • You can help maximize your appointment with us by preparing for your initial exam. Please bring the following paperwork to your scheduled appointment:
  • -A listing of any pain or symptoms you have.
  • -A list of prescription and over-the-counter medications you are taking. Include supplementary herbal products.
  • -Results from recent medical testing.
  • -Your medical and surgical history.
  • -Inform your examiner of any devices such a pacemaker or defibrillator implants you have. Bring copies of your implant device card.
  • -Additional inquiries for which you’d like more information.

We recommend you wear loose, comfortable clothing your Physical Exam Bloomington IL. Avoid wearing jewelry, makeup or other unnecessary items.

Begin Your Efforts Toward Health and Wellness

Before your initial exam at our facility, we will pose a few inquiries regarding your medical and surgical history. These usually focus on prior procedures, pain, allergies or symptoms you’re experiencing. We’ll also ask for information about your general lifestyle such as your exercise habits. Additionally, please inform your examiner if you smoke and drink alcohol.

Your examiner will usually begin with an assessment of your body for atypical marks or growths. You can either stand or sit for this part of the examination. We’ll also note basics such as your weight, height and heart rate.

The examiner may then request you lie down in order to exam your abdomen and other areas. The purpose is to assess the location, size, consistency and tenderness of your internal organs.

Examiners use a stethoscope — the familiar listening device practitioners typically wear — to listen to areas of the body. This includes listening to your heart and lung function while you take deep breaths. In addition, the stethoscope also enables your examiner to listen to your intestinal activity too.

Your examiner may apply a tapping technique to assess for fluid accumulation in some areas of your body. This serves to determine the size and consistency of internal organs.

A physical exam provides our staff with information that serves as the starting point for your journey toward wellness. We look forward to meeting you! At Blueze Wellness we help our clients become proactive in pursuing their own health and general wellness. Begin today and call Blueze Wellness to schedule an appointment with us. Along with our physical exam services, we also provide counseling, fitness and exercise prescriptions and bioidentical hormone therapy.