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Functional Lab Analysis Leroy IL

Functional Lab Analysis Leroy

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The Health Benefits of Peanuts

With a focus upon the healthy benefits of snacks like almonds, cashews and walnuts, it’s easy to overlook peanuts. However, this underrated crunchy nut offers lots of nutritional value.

Peanuts contain protein and healthy fats. They offer properties similar to soybeans, for instance. In addition, peanuts are low in carbohydrates, which makes it a healthy treat. They provide vitamins and minerals such as vitamin E, biotin, niacin and magnesium.

These many nutrients can help promote heart health. Additionally, peanuts can help prevent cardiovascular problems while managing cholesterol. They even help boost the body’s metabolic rate and support muscles and healthy tissue. Peanuts also have antioxidants that help slow the aging process.

Be sure to consult with your physician to see you have a peanut allergy. Also, don’t consume more than a handful or two per day.

Functional Lab Analysis Leroy IL – Blueze Wellness – 309-585-2116

Eat Better and Sleep Better

What we eat can impact the quality of our sleep more than many people may realize. If you’re looking to get more sleep, check out these dietary tips:

-Enjoy your final daily meal at least two hours prior to bedtime. This grants your digestive system enough time to do its job. When you eat right before turning in, it raises the risk of acid reflux. Consequently, you could experience restlessness, discomfort and interrupted sleep.

-Cool your body’s temperature from the inside. Eat foods that tend to have a cooling effect on the body. For instance, have fruits, fresh vegetables or a glass of milk.

-Avoid eating processed carbohydrates in the evening. In contrast, try whole grains. Processed carbohydrates can cause blood sugar levels to fluctuate. This serves to stimulate rather than relax the body.