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Fitness and Exercise Prescriptions Leroy IL

Fitness and Exercise Prescriptions Leroy

Fitness and Exercise Prescriptions Leroy IL– Blueze Wellness – Serving Communities in McLean County IL – 309-585-2116

Looking to Lose Fat Around Your Middle? Try Crunches!

Crunches are among the most effective ways to tackle excess around the midsection. Indeed, fitness experts report that crunches are one of the top fat-burning activities.

To perform crunches, simply lie flat upon the floor. For comfort, use a yoga mat or something similar. While keeping your feet flat upon the floor, bend your knees. Be sure to keep your feet apart, approximately in line with your hips. Then, lift your hands up and place them behind your head. Keep your palms flat against your head or place your thumbs right behind your ears. Do not interlock your fingers.

Fitness and Exercise Prescriptions Leroy IL – Blueze Wellness

While maintaining this position, inhale deeply. Slowly raise your torso off the ground. Exhale while doing this motion. Try to lift up your torso as high as you can without altering your position. Then return to the previous position. As you lower your torso, inhale deeply again. Exhale when you raise up your torso once again. Attempt to keep a distance of about three inches in between your chin and chest. However, avoid straining your neck. The focus ought to be upon your midsection instead of only the lift.

Note that you may also perform crunches while your hands cross over the chest.

If you’re a beginner, try to perform ten crunches each set. Do two sets each day at a minimum.

Avoid doing crunches with your body too high. Instead, concentrate on lifting your ribs toward your belly button. As a result, you’ll raise your torso just a few inches or so. Do the best you’re able to and then lower yourself down the ground again. This activity targets the excess fat around the midsection.

Fitness and Exercise Prescriptions Leroy IL – Blueze Wellness