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Clinical Nutrition Normal IL

Clinical Nutrition Normal

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The daily food and beverage choices we make impacts our health not just immediately, but in the future too. Selection healthy diet selections more frequently can help prevent or limit many health issues. Additionally, research shows that when one member of a household eats healthy, others will too.

A healthy diet is simply eating in way that improves our health and helps fight disease. It involves picking different healthy foods from the various food groups, which are fruits, dairy, vegetables, proteins and grains. Also, healthy eating means avoiding foods containing added sugars, sodium, saturated fats and trans fats.

A healthy diet should include nutrients mostly from food items instead of vitamins or supplements. At different times in life, we may require certain things more than other times. For example, pregnant women may require vitamins and minerals more than they did prior to pregnancy.

The things we eat and drink may result from where we live and what’s available in our local communities. Personal preference, of course, also plays a big part too.

Blueze Wellness – Clinical Nutrition Normal IL

A Few Reasons Why Eating Healthy is Essential

  • -Your body and mind draw energy from what you consume in order to think clearly and remain active.
  • -Your body gets essential nutrients you require to live and stay healthy. For instance, the body must have iron to deliver oxygen to internal organs and muscles.
  • -You need a healthy, balanced diet to attain and stay at a healthy body weight
  • -Eating healthy reduces risk of illnesses like diabetes and heart disease.
  • -What you consume serves as the foundation for cells in your body. The food and drink selections you make have an impact upon your general health.

Blueze Wellness – Clinical Nutrition Normal IL