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Clinical Nutrition Leroy IL

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Salads don’t have to be a boring part of your daily meals. To the contrary, salads can actually be delicious yet still very healthy. The key is to pair the right type of ingredients. Making salads at home can easily be just as appetizing as those you enjoy at your favorite restaurant. Just practice a few of these useful tips and you’ll develop a whole new appreciation for salads!

-Mix up flavors. Salads don’t need to be flavorless and bland. Mix sweet, tangy, sour and salty flavors together for a delightful blend of tastes. Whether it’s salty nuts with orange bits or tomatoes with lemony dressing, experimenting with flavors is fun. Try out various combinations of your favorite ingredients. Soon you’ll discover new, enjoyable tastes that fulfil your tastes.

-Try different textures. From crunchy nuts and soft cheeses to crispy iceberg lettuce or spinach leaves, there are many textures to try. A good mix of textures certainly adds some zing to a salad. For the best results, try to mix crunchy and soft foods.

-Choose the right dressing. Even with various textures and ingredients, the dressing makes all the difference when it comes to salads. Discover which dressing you enjoy the most. Select a variety of oils and sweet and salty tastes, for instance. Vinegar and pepper are also excellent flavors for salads too.

Make your salads look appealing. Try to add a variety of colors to your salads. For example, add reds such as cherry tomatoes and strawberries along with blueberries, grapes or purple cabbage. Furthermore, you can add greens like spinach, lettuce and cucumbers too. There’s also appealing yellows like bell peppers, chickpeas and mangoes.

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