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Clinical Nutrition Bloomington IL

Clinical Nutrition Bloomington

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Clinical Nutrition

A personalized nutrition plan forms the foundation of a functional therapeutic medicine strategy. At Blueze Wellness, we apply our expertise to develop a nutrition plan that’s tailored to your needs. A beneficial diet plan provides the daily nutrients your body needs. It also stays within your calorie goals and helps reduce your risk of heart disease.

While a customized nutrition plan takes into account your own requirements, a basic health plan generally consists of:

  • -An emphasis on fruits, vegetables, whole grains and fat-free (or low-fat) dairy products.
  • -Lean meats and poultry, beans, nuts, eggs and fish.
  • -Limits trans fats and saturated fats, sodium and sugars.
  • -Controls portion sizes.

Clinical Nutrition Bloomington IL – Calorie Control

When it comes to weight loss, most of us must reduce our calorie intake from food and beverages while increasing physical activity. As an example, to lose one pound per week, reduce daily calorie intake by 500 to 750. For women, safe weight loss can be achieved with a nutrition plan that contains 1,200 to 1,500 calories daily. A plan that contains about 1,500 to 1,800 daily calories is suitable for men who perform regular exercise.* Do not follow a calorie diet of less than 800 per day unless you’re monitored by your physician.

A beneficial eating plan includes all the various food groups: vegetables, grains, fruits, proteins, dairy and oils. Particular suggestions shall vary based on age, gender and physical activities.


Vegetables are available in many different flavors, colors and textures. They’re an essential source of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Darker green vegetables, for instance, include spinach, broccoli and collard greens. Orange or red vegetables include carrots, acorn squash, tomato and sweet potato.

Examples of vegetables that contain starch include white potatoes, corn and green peas. Other flavorful vegetables include beets, eggplant, cauliflower, celery, green beans, onions and artichokes. The beans and peas varieties also include soybeans, black beans, kidney beans, chickpeas and tofu.

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Grains products are basically foods containing wheat, rice, rye, oats, barley or another cereal grains. Breads, pasta, breakfast cereals, tortillas, grits and popcorn are also within this category. Consider grain selections with low levels of saturated or added sugars and no trans fats. Note that baked goods labeled low-fat may have added sugars.

Whole grains should be about half of the grains you consume. These grains contain iron and a lot of B vitamins in addition to fiber. Whole grain examples are whole wheat, oats, cracked wheat and cornmeal.


Sometimes we overlook the role that fruits should play in a balanced nutrition plan. There are many flavorful choices such as oranges, grapefruits and berries. Also consider varieties such as apricots, raisins, cherries, mangoes and pineapples.

A lot of fruits offer additional, healthy fiber that aides the body’s digestive systems. Be sure to thoroughly wash fruits before serving. While whole fruits are optimal, 100 percent fruit juice is beneficial too. When shopping for canned, dried or frozen fruit select options which are low in added sugar.


Include a range of nutrient-rich proteins in your Clinical Nutrition Bloomington IL plan. For instance, include poultry and lean meats. Note that seafood, peas, eggs and beans are also reliable sources of protein. Additionally, seafood such as salmon or trout also contains beneficial omega-3 fatty acids. These acids are heart healthy.

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