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Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Services Bloomington IL

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Services Bloomington

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Basics and Benefits of Bioidentical Hormone Therapy – Blueze Wellness

Do you have trouble getting to sleep in the evening? Do you experience a reduction in muscle strength and fatigue in the daytime? If so, these are common signs that you may benefit from bioidentical hormone therapy. It’s an innovative treatment that helps our clients regain strength and energy. It can also enhance mental awareness, and even help with weight loss plans. As part of the therapy, administered hormone pellets gently release natural estrogen (or testosterone) into the patient’s body. Therefore, the dosage releases smoothly. To learn more contact our offices to schedule a consultation and learn if you may be a good candidate.

We are frequently taught that some issues are just the inevitable results of growing older. Diminished sexual drive, weight gain or menopause symptoms, for instance. However, we can treat a lot of these issues effectively through bioidentical hormone therapies.

The start of hormonal imbalances for women will often happen as part of menopause. The decline of estrogen, for instance, may create the risk of heart disease, ovary failure, osteoporosis, colon cancer or diabetes.

Following are some indications that you might be a likely candidate for bioidentical hormone therapy. However, be sure to schedule an appointment with us to learn more.

  • -Weight gain in the midsection.
  • -Trouble sleeping at night.
  • -Loss of muscle strength
  • -Reduction in sexual interest.
  • -Low energy, easily tired.
  • -Trouble concentrating, loss of mental sharpness.
  • -Dry skin.
  • -End of menstruation cycles.
  • -Depression and anxiety.
  • -Difficulty losing weight even with a healthy lifestyle and diet.
  • -Joint and muscle pain.

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Services Bloomington IL – Schedule a Consultation at 309-585-2116

Although men don’t experience menopause, their testosterone levels typically decline after 30. However, bioidentical hormone therapy helps increase energy and fight major illnesses. Following are some common signs that a man may be a candidate for this form of therapy.

  • -Weight gain despite healthy lifestyle practices.
  • -Consistent fatigue and low energy.
  • -Difficulties achieving an erection. Diminished libido.
  • -Diminished mental sharpness, trouble concentrating.
  • -Dry skin.
  • -Moodiness, depression.
  • -Loss of muscle strength.
  • -Irritability.

If you’re experiencing these symptoms you might be a suitable candidate for bioidentical hormone therapy. It’s a treatment application that utilizes hormone pellets for replicating your body’s hormonal levels. Accurate hormonal levels are customized to the patient’s needs.

Pellet implants typically placed beneath the skin slowly release the appropriate hormone into the patient’s bloodstream. Unlike standard hormones, bioidenticals are identical to what your body makes naturally. This presents, for instance, an alternative to therapy with conventional hormones.

What To Expect

If this form of therapy is right for you the next step is usually to have thorough blood work assessment. This step serves to gauge to accurate level of hormones to apply. Each patient has a dosage personalized to what their body requires for optimal results.

Hormone pellets are typically inserted within tissue under the patient’s skin in order to release minor doses. Pellets are made by the fusion of hormones into tiny cylinders, which are implanted during an outpatient procedure.

The hormones enter the bloodstream slowly over a period of a few months, based on the treatment plan. Unlike some forms of this approach, bioidentical hormone therapy doesn’t involve fluctuations in hormone levels. Consequently, their even dosage helps prevent mood and emotional swings for the patient.

The hormones are basically identical to what’s produced naturally in the body. The similarity permits the body to “recognize” the dosage and decrease the risk of side effects. By the conclusion of the treatment period, the pellets dissolve completely.

Discover more about bioidentical hormone therapy today. Contact Blueze Wellness at 309-585-2116 and schedule a consultation at our facility. Contact us by email at: [email protected].