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Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Leroy IL

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Leroy

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Leroy IL – Blueze Wellness – 309-585-2116

Hormones manage many of the body’s basic functions. They work as a sort of communications system among the cells of the body. Hormones coordinate functions such as growth, digestion, sexual drive, appetite and mood. Thus, when there’s a hormone imbalance, there can be a significant impact on general health and wellness.

When hormones are out of proper balance, Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Leroy IL can help relieve the symptoms. This form of therapy can treat both women and men who experience a decline or imbalance in hormone levels. Perimenopause or menopause are among the symptoms it commonly treats. In addition, it can be utilized to treat symptoms resulting from cancer treatment or other conditions like:

  • -Resistance to insulin.
  • -Thyroid or adrenal disorders.
  • -Fibromyalgia.
  • -Osteoporosis.

Manmade, bioidentical hormones are basically hormones from plant estrogens. There are chemically similar to what the human body makes. For instance, estrogen and testosterone are hormones commonly duplicated and applied in treatment. Bioidentical hormones are available in numerous forms:

  • -Injections.
  • -Pills.
  • -Patches.
  • -Creams and gels.
  • -Injections.

Benefits of Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Leroy IL

This form of therapy is often utilized as people age and their hormone levels fall. It is helpful for increasing hormone levels that drop while improving medium to severe symptoms of menopause like:

  • -Night sweats.
  • -Hot flashes.
  • -Mood swings.
  • -Loss of memory.
  • -Difficulty sleeping.
  • -Weight gain
  • -Declining interest in sexual activity.

Along with relief for these symptoms, hormone therapy can help reduce risk of diabetes and cataracts. For people with cancer who are going through treatments that impact estrogen levels, for instance, this therapy can help. Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Leroy IL is effective for improvement of overall well-being. Contact Blueze Wellness today and learn more about this remarkably effective treatment. At our initial consultation, we’ll answer your questions about this option and whether you may be a candidate.

In addition to this therapy, we also provide counseling services too. Besides the help we can provide for emotional wellness, we also help people lose weight and attain fitness. Reach us at 309-585-2116.