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Peptides are basically short strands that usually comprise between two and fifty amino acids, which serve as the foundation of proteins. It can be easier for the body to efficiently absorb peptides than proteins since they are much smaller. They are able to penetrate the intestines and the skin, which enables them to rapidly enter the body’s bloodstream.

Peptide therapy at Revitalize is an exciting, innovative medical science that utilizes certain amino acid sequencing known as peptides.

With proper administration, peptides “communicate” with various areas of the body. This has the potential to enhance the function of the body through binding with receptors on the surface of cells, which signals messages for improvement.

To date, research now identifies more than 7,000 peptides. Since they occur naturally within the human body, they are safe and easy to tolerate.


Wellness Improvement

Visual Enhancement


Peptides function most effectively when administered in certain combinations to boost the synergy of each one.

Our experienced staff pre-fills syringes for compliance and so they are easy to use. Every pack of peptides is ready for use, enabling you to concentrate on getting healthy rather than having to fill three or four syringes each day.

We typically advise our clients to utilize the peptides Monday through Friday and to take a break during the weekend. It’s beneficial to give the body a break because continual exposure to the same agent risks making them less effective.

The peptides must be stored in your refrigerator. When ready to take the peptides – usually in the morning or before bedtime depending upon the protocol – you can inject them under the skin by using an insulin needle.

Although the peptides are quite safe and do not cause side effects, combining specific peptides can help improve the results. We advise using one peptide protocol for three months, then proceeding to a new one or taking a break.

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